Looks So Natural


Tips for the Bride


Have your eyebrows shaped and your lashes tinted about 4 days prior to your wedding day. Use a white eye liner on the lower rim of your eyes and use Refresh eye drops. The eye drops makes the whites of your eyes look much whiter and your eyes will look really fresh and they will sparkle!


Have all your waxing done about 4 days before your wedding. If you react to any of the waxing, this will give it time to settle down. Manicures and pedicures should be done the day before the wedding, that way there is less chance of chipping your polish.

Water Water

Drink plenty of water (about 8 glasses a day). This will help to avoid dehydrated skin so that it will glow on your very special day.


Always have a make-up and hair trial about 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day. This gives your make-up artist and hair stylist a chance to design a naturally beautiful face and hair style with a creative touch to compliment your wedding theme.

Hair Tips

Try not to go for anything too different on your wedding day. Remember your hairstyle will last a day, but your wedding photo will last forever. Try to have your hair cut and coloured about 2 weeks before your wedding.


This will enhance your beautiful wedding gown, hair and make-up. I recommend a professional spray-on tan for your special day.


Visit your dentist and have your teeth checked. Remember you will be smiling a lot and people will notice your teeth. Don't forget your lips! Use a good lip balm every night for smooth, moist sexy lips.

Remember to

Put deodorant, perfume, talc, powders, body lotions or hand creams on long before you put your wedding gown on. This will give them time to be absorbed and not rub off onto your dress.

Don't Forget!

Please remember to wear a button or zip through top (not a t-shirt) to your make-up and hair trial and also on your wedding day, so you do not disturb your hair and make-up when you take it off.


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