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I offer 7 day mobile make-up and hair services for the Greater Brisbane Area.

Please note a 25% Deposit is required at time of your booking. The deposit is non-refundable. As we have kept this time and date exclusively available for you and have refused other bookings we therefore cannot refund any deposits.

Please note also, that all confirmed quotes must be paid for in full. We are unable to offer discounts should any member of the bridal party pull out after the booking is confirmed and the deposit is paid.

Surcharge of $80 if start time is before 7am. If parking is not provided the cost of this is charged back to you on your wedding day.

Payments are by direct deposit, money order, bank cheque or cash.
If paying by bank cheque please make payable to Colleen Helleur. At this stage we do not have credit card facilities.


Prices include GST
A.B.N. 19 742 594 475

You can contact me by phone:

0408 891 393
Gift Certificates
now available

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7-Day mobile service servicing the Greater Brisbane Area • Mobile: 0408 891 393